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ok im again slow in writing here damnit.


anyway. my life goes crazy right now.

Im ill and wasnt in school today. tomorrow i have to go to school to fetch some letters and then leaf at noon to drive with bubu to munich cuz im going to an information day at a school for Media Design (digital n print) 

as i read there i'm to stupit to go there but i will have a try.

on thursday i have my last day in Kindergarden!! Im kinda happy!! fucking kiga. but its done then!!! hahaha! 


and then on friday i have to go to school to make a revision in social - and occupational studies. fuck it. when i dont make this i dont get the exame from school!!!


WAAH mom is also pissing at me that i have to search a job and USCH


lalalalala im happy.


The only good thing is about CRASHDIET!

yesterday or today morning they are back with the new singer. simons voice is pretty good. but its still trange to see them without dave...

it will never be the same crashdiet anyway.....


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14.7.09 16:58


fuck you you fucking fuck!!!

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(Pic (C) By Me)

Yesterday i was with Bubu at the Graveyard, taking a view over the whole city and talked for a few hours....feelt pretty okay and was awesome!!

Otherwise i just was checking some flats in munich. we want to move during august and it makes me crazy. Julia told me she dont know if she can move with us...and really. i really like Lilith but i know i cant stand her all the time....

anyhow. it makes me think about so many stuff, how good i have it here with my room and everything...but i really want my own flat and start my own life....but its so hard and usch. im just crying cuz i dont know any way out..

at one side i wanna stay here by my family, take care of them and just enjoy the time...but at the other side i want into the city, having party and starting my own world.


its a fucking circle i just dont know a way out....mom is alone downstairs...i just want to go to her and talk with her, but i dont know, i dont want to go downstairs its AAARRRRGHH.

im going really insane, seriously. i just want to tell my parents how importand there are to me, but i just cant i dont know why. and i talk and talk and just tell the same shit....

fuck it..

i stop to write here before my brain explodes. i just wanna cry and lay in my moms armes...like a little little baby - thats what i really am 



4.7.09 22:07


Yes i just finnished work, it was pretty okay today, the kids was handsome and was sad cuz i cant make this paper cat with all of em haha =) Even i hate kindergarden so much i was a bit dissapointed today..i still have to go 4 times or so to kindergarden, and then im done with it....say im strange, but i think i will miss the kids...

So im kinda sleepy now, the weather makes me pretty insanen. Rain. Sun. Rain Rain. Sun Sun and about 30° Celcius. Usch!! 

Its raining now with 23° and i hope the sun comes out again- even a little bit.


Later im driving to Bubu. We want to make a cementery photosession hahaha the church is on a big mountian...i dont think we can make it at night up there, with rainy weather or so haha

but i love it there, years ago Bubu, Isi and me was there the first time at night, listening to good music and taking a look over the whole little city....just aww haha


So i hope its gonna be a party tonight, bout this toothpaste-drink again (We drank it at WGT the whole time <3 ) its just 5,5% but better than nothing haha.


Just putting some music on my phone. I gotImage and video hosting by TinyPic new infected with Alien Sex Fiends. good ol' goth/glam/death rock or whatever. I dont care bout all the genres, I just love this old style hehe

so i got nothing more to say for now i think....maybe i will get some sleep till 18°° and then go to the trainstaion haha. Bubu said shes cooking tonight, im exited what it will be *__* FOOOD!!!

sabi always feed me hahaha


kikk azz!!! <3


Me n Bubu <3

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3.7.09 15:19


so as you can see will this be my homepage #615641654968551

i try to hold it up to date but i can promise cuz after some time i hate it an will delete it so - who cares XD


Its 4:20am and im still awake...in about 2 1/2 hours i have to get up again to write my Exames in Psychology and German. Im not nevouse yet even i should cuz i didnt learn anything...typical me...but lets see what happens and how i will make it.

I have my talismans with me so i just can hope they help me <3 i write more soon, not in the mood to write much now haha



kikk ass

1.7.09 04:25


test entry
29.6.09 01:50



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