Yes i just finnished work, it was pretty okay today, the kids was handsome and was sad cuz i cant make this paper cat with all of em haha =) Even i hate kindergarden so much i was a bit dissapointed today..i still have to go 4 times or so to kindergarden, and then im done with it....say im strange, but i think i will miss the kids...

So im kinda sleepy now, the weather makes me pretty insanen. Rain. Sun. Rain Rain. Sun Sun and about 30° Celcius. Usch!! 

Its raining now with 23° and i hope the sun comes out again- even a little bit.


Later im driving to Bubu. We want to make a cementery photosession hahaha the church is on a big mountian...i dont think we can make it at night up there, with rainy weather or so haha

but i love it there, years ago Bubu, Isi and me was there the first time at night, listening to good music and taking a look over the whole little city....just aww haha


So i hope its gonna be a party tonight, bout this toothpaste-drink again (We drank it at WGT the whole time <3 ) its just 5,5% but better than nothing haha.


Just putting some music on my phone. I gotImage and video hosting by TinyPic new infected with Alien Sex Fiends. good ol' goth/glam/death rock or whatever. I dont care bout all the genres, I just love this old style hehe

so i got nothing more to say for now i think....maybe i will get some sleep till 18°° and then go to the trainstaion haha. Bubu said shes cooking tonight, im exited what it will be *__* FOOOD!!!

sabi always feed me hahaha


kikk azz!!! <3


Me n Bubu <3

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3.7.09 15:19


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