Name:             Bernadette
Birth:               28th  December
Home:             Germany, Bavaria
Life:                Musik, Friends / Family


Stuff about me.

Im addicted to music. I love, live, play and sing it every second in my live. Also very importand to me are my friends and my familie. Never could hold anytime without knowing they are around.

Im a really strange person. Im not like you and that’s good. I have my own opinion and don’t care what you say. I also talk before I think about it, which is sometimes a really bad problem, cuz I tell you the truth or just make my own mind (If  I’m in the mood to) otherwise I will talk bad behind your back. Im bitchy – but its fun.

I can laugh about EVERYTHING (Even if its just a person or a pencil fall down the floor) so I’m a really funny, happy and lovely person which you can make smile everytime. I have a loud laugh – what I really hate – like my voice.

I love photography, my camera is almost every time beside me and help me to catch all the good moments in pictures which makes me smile in bad times. I love to collect good times and memories.

I also really love concerts and festivals. To get drunk while an awesome band is playing, meeting new people and just have a fucking blast.

I get drunk really fast 

-          Bad: I talk shit, I want love, I’m aggressive, I’m loud

-          Good: I don’t have to pay for much alc, I don’t have hangovers so beware in the morning when I wake you up really hyperactive.

All in all I’m just a ordinary psycho who wants to enjoy every second. But we all know life isn’t always fun. I have bad times too. I can get depressed really fast – from one to the other second. (And that don’t mean that I’m a Emo – if you still think that, have fun.) My life is always going upside down, much worse than a rollercoaster. But who cares?

Sooner or later we end all the same.



Music ♫





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